From No Experience to Confidence

As a person with no experience “working out”, I had a lot of anxiety about being in the gym in general and certainly had no idea where to begin. Though I was very self-conscious, Tidjani was beyond patient and encouraging. He totally put my mind at ease and met me where I was physically, often modifying workouts to accommodate a knee problem.   

I recognized quickly that Tidjani wanted me to learn proper form and good technique, well before managing heavy weights. His emphasis on mechanics gave me confidence that preventing unnecessary injury was important to him.

I feel quite sure that Tidjani is the best personal trainer in Tyler. Not only does he have the head knowledge about everything body and personal training, but he truly has the heart knowledge to recognize when you just might not be feeling your best. Even when I doubted myself, Tidjani made me feel that he believed in my ability to attain the fitness goals I had set for myself.

Tidjani really has been a blessing to my family. My teenage sons love an opportunity to work out with him. We have all enjoyed getting to know him over several years and trust his judgement completely. He is kind, polite, compassionate, happy and funny. We would follow him anywhere!

Danielle, Registered Nurse