I lost over 51 lbs!

I’ve been overweight for more years than I care to admit. Over the course of those years I tried several different diet plans and ideas. Every time, I would lose the weight, and eventually gain it all back and more.

When I met TJ, in the beginning adjusting my eating habits and going to the gym regularly was not fun, the change was difficult. But after about 2 ½ months I’d lost 20lbs and had dropped two sizes. I was encouraged! People started to notice the change and that felt really good!

TJ would encourage me and offer assistance even when he wasn’t training me. He was patient, kind, and ALWAYS very respectful!  His work ethic is impeccable. He goes above and beyond by providing me with a workout to follow during the week and a meal plan. His expertise and impact on me have been life changing. I will forever be grateful for his patience and persistence in helping me reach my goals. I recently reached a 48lb weight loss mark and still have a long way to go. I could have never done this without TJ. He is always looking for ways to challenge and improve the workout as well as nutrition. He’s the BEST!