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Tj is a thoughtful and disciplined professional who truly listens and is attentive to the particular needs of his clients. Not too long ago I had a hip replacement. After many months of physical therapy I came to the conclusion that I had plateaued. It was at this point that I contacted TJ. After carefully listening to my needs and goals he put together a well constructed program to assist me in breaking through this plateau. I now enjoy the mobility and flexibility that I thought was gone forever. He also is a wellspring of information regarding nutrition and its importance in an individuals' overall wellness. He has helped me construct a dietary regime that is not only effective but is something that I can live with. The bottom line is if you want a trainer that is a proven professional who will provide you with "real results" TJ is your man!

- Rick, Medical sales professional



I’ve been overweight for more years than I care to admit. Over the course of those years I tried several different diet plans and ideas. Every time, I would lose the weight, and eventually gain it all back and more.
When I met TJ, in the beginning adjusting my eating habits and going to the gym regularly was not fun, the change was difficult. But after about 2 ½ months I’d lost 20lbs and had dropped two sizes. I was encouraged! People started to notice the change and that felt really good!
TJ would encourage me and offer assistance even when he wasn’t training me. He was patient, kind, and ALWAYS very respectful! His work ethic is impeccable. He goes above and beyond by providing me with a workout to follow during the week and a meal plan. His expertise and impact on me have been life changing. I will forever be grateful for his patience and persistence in helping me reach my goals. I recently reached a 45lb weight loss mark and still have a long way to go. I could have never done this without TJ. He is always looking for ways to challenge and improve the workout as well as nutrition. He’s the BEST!

- Polly M.



I had considered a personal trainer before but never felt comfortable enough with anyone to begin the process of using a trainer. TJ was professional from the beginning. Accessing my needs based on my personal goals and health related issues such as back and neck pain. He always encouraged me to push myself but never at the expense of hurting myself any further. I was always impressed with TJ's ability to accommodate all workouts based on the individual he was training...even in a group. I believe TJ is the best trainer is Tyler! His professional attitude in and out of the gym makes him one of the trusted trainers Tyler has to offer. His professional concern to protect his clients from injuries while pushing them to gain results is why I've stayed with TJ.

-Elaine P



Training with TJ has been a big difference from anyone else I've trained with. He's inspired me to work harder and follow my meal plan more accurately. He's motivated me more than any trainer ever has! I was not limber of flexible at all before working with TJ, which is key to my sport; basketball. This has helped elevate my game in every physical aspect. I 100% believe TJ is the best trainer hands down!! He knows exactly what you need, and helps you get exactly the results you're looking for. I've trained with TJ for a summer break, and asked to help me lean up. He got me from 245 lbs to 209 lbs in less than 3 months. The next time we trained I told him I wanted explosiveness and strength, and my vertical went up 2 inches in a short amount of time. I would recommend TJ's services to anyone, my family already knows TJ is the best in the business and we even have my 10 year old sister come do some workouts with him now and then.

-Garrett T.


We Care About Our People

At Massive Action Training

At Massive Action Training we are firm believers that our best effort in each moment in life will lead to This goes for 1.Physical 2. Nutritional 3. Spiritual

Tidjani is a Master Trainer, literally! This means that he understands the body well and is on a whole different level of training. He will take you to the limit to get maximum results, while not risking injury. I have trained with him for _ years and I highly recommend him. This is a complete program that focuses on all aspects of improving the body, mind, and spirit.

Carol, Dental Hygienist

As a person with no experience "working out", I had a lot of anxiety about being in the gym in general and certainly had no idea where to begin. Though I was very self-conscious, Tidjani was beyond patient and encouraging. He totally put my mind at ease and met me where I was physically, often modifying workouts to accommodate a knee problem. I feel quite sure that Tidjani is the best personal trainer in Tyler, TX. Not only does he have the head knowledge about everything body and personal training, but he truly has the heart knowledge to recognize when you just might not be feeling your best. Even when I doubted myself, Tidjani made me feel that he believed in my ability to attain the fitness goals I had set for myself.

Danielle, Registered Nurse

I began working out with TJ to build my body back up after a couple knee surgeries. Working out with TJ has greatly helped me with my sport of swimming in ways such as flexibility and the stamina I need to win races. TJ is the best trainer I've ever been with because he is a very open person and you can give him feedback and he'll gladly adjust the workout and also shows you correct form to optimize your exercise. I'd highly recommend TJ to anyone looking to get into shape, any athletes recovering from injury such as myself, or any athlete or anyone already working out and wants to take it to the next level TJ is your man!!!

Carey, High School swimmer

Tidjani Camara is highly educated and is able to put his knowledge into practice! His workouts are MOST challenging, but fun and rewarding! TJ is always smiling and his enthusiasm is contagious! Your workouts will be as unique and personalized as you are! TJ will motivate you to want to go the extra mile and reach your goals!
I ran my first timed mile under the thumb of TJ’s stopwatch, and I now I run marathons! He is the BEST trainer ever!

Leslie MS, RD, LD

TJ is a true professional. I have never met a trainer that is more dedicated, knowledgeable, or friendly. He is committed to being the best in his field and is constantly learning and growing in his craft. He individualizes each workout and is dedicated to making sure that the client does the workout safely, paying close attention to each detail. I would have no hesitancy recommending TJ to anyone, regardless of fitness level or age.

Leigh, Attorney

I have had two knee surgeries and training with TJ has been the right balance of knowledge, motivation and encouragement to get me back to achieving my goals. I am in my fifties and I want to continually push myself to feel and look my best. I have chosen to stay with TJ because he continues to study, grow and push himself, as well as his clients. I believe TJ is an excellent trainer and would recommend him to any of my family or friends.


TJ is a well-trained, knowledgeable and professional trainer. He always has a smile and has a personalized plan ready to go each session to help my daughter strive for her goals of increased strength, coordination and endurance. TJ taught us how to train safely while pushing to goals. TJ is one of the best trainers in the business!

Monica, Registered Dietician

What sets Tidjani (TJ) apart from other coaches I've had is his commitment to teaching you proper technique. He'll never push you to sacrifice form for more weight or more repetitions. In addition, Tidjani (TJ) is always willing to advise you on diet or offer motivation.
I'd definitively recommend him to anyone looking to reach their next level."
Andrew, high-school soccer player

Andrew, high-school soccer player

I joined Massive Action a couple of months ago and I've been extremely impressed with TJ as a trainer. TJ is educated in his craft and will help you reach your fitness goals. His creative workouts, which are different every day, will challenge you regardless of your fitness level. He will also ask you about any nagging injuries that you dealing with and will modify your workout based upon the injury. The gym is well equipped and he does a good job of mixing things up on every workout. I would recommend Massive Action to anyone without hesitation.

Jay W.

This gym right here will get you the results you are looking for! No need to look any further. The coaches and staff are very knowledgeable about fitness and will help you get to your goals safer, faster and more effective! I highly recommend doing the 6 weeks challenge!

SW Henderson Fit Body Boot Camp

TJ is a great person and trainer! He has one of the best personalities that make you want to work out at his gym. I have truly appreciated his patience and motivation he has given me every time i have stepped into his gym. I cannot wait what other goals he will help me reach in the next few months! If you are looking for a gym and a trainer he is your guy!

Rudy T.

I can't say enough about TJ at Massive Action Training. His passion for my improved overall fitness and health is outstanding. I can't say enough how much he has helped me the last few months. He pushes me, motivates me, and holds me accountable. He believes in his clients. If you are looking for a challenge, go see TJ at Massive Action Training. You'll be glad you did!

Jason Y.

Go check out TJ and his crew at Massive Action Training!!! They will not disappoint you and will help you to reach all of your fitness goals! TJ is so encouraging and helpful, as are the rest of the members at the gym. They really make you feel like family! I highly recommend Massive Action Training for anyone with a fitness goal! TJ is so knowledgeable... he will definitely get you to where you want to be!!!

Tory S.